In Germany, will open stations for charging electric vehicles at every gas station

Germany will open electric vehicle charging stations at every gas station. The government has obliged the owners of gas stations to open charging stations, writes Reuters.

According to the German Motor Transport Authority, of the 168,148 vehicles registered in the country in May 2020, only 3.3% were electric. In 2019, less than two percent of new cars registered in Germany were electric.

The order was issued in the framework of the economic recovery project, in which the government allocated 130 billion euros. It comes into force on July 1, 2020: the government will give gas stations subsidies for opening electric car charging points.

The authorities expect that, on the one hand, such measures will significantly accelerate the growth in the number of electric vehicles in the country, and on the other hand, it will increase consumer demand for cars.

The government intends to issue subsidies for the purchase of electric cars, and when purchasing large SUVs that are highly polluting, the owners will be required to pay a tax of 6 thousand euros.

Experts believe that subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and the appearance of charging stations at gas stations will significantly increase the number of owners of environmentally friendly vehicles.

“In 97% of cases, the reason people refuse to buy an electric car is their limited driving range. The emergence of a large number of charging stations across the country will solve this problem, ”said Diego Biasi, chairman, and co-founder of Quercus Real Assets, to the agency.

Author: John Kessler
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