In Germany, they explained the US refusal of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2”

The statement by US President Joe Biden about the counter productivity of sanctions against “Nord stream-2” shows that Washington is convinced that Berlin is firmly committed to the implementation of “Nord stream-2,” member of the German Bundestag Committee on International Policy Waldemar Gerdt (Alternative for Germany) told.

Biden has previously acknowledged that sanctions against “Nord stream-2” are counterproductive at this stage, as the project is nearing completion. According to the White House press pool, Biden said that US sanctions against “Nord stream-2” would not have brought the project to a halt, since it is almost complete.

“The statements of Biden and the US administration, of course, are encouraging, for many years we have tried to explain to Washington that the energy basket of Germany will not develop without “Nord stream,” otherwise we will not be able to get away from nuclear or coal energy, we need both “Nord stream-2” and, possibly, “Nord stream-3,” the parliamentarian said, adding that Washington was convinced of Berlin’s unyielding position on this issue. “This is not a victory, but it is a stop to a multi-year course aimed at escalation. America has realized that it is not necessary to increase the pressure on us. They managed to escalate the situation around the “Nord stream-2″ for quite a long time, but they were given to understand that such behavior could lead to the fact that the United States would lose an ally in the face of Germany in Europe,” Gerdt believes.

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