In Germany, they demanded to complete the “Nord stream-2”

In Germany, they demanded to complete the “Nord stream-2.” The Prime Ministers of the East German States agreed to support the project jointly. This is reported by Der Spiegel, citing sources.

The heads of the East German States stressed that the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea is critical for the energy security of Germany and other European countries. Therefore, they consider completing the pipeline, which is already 97 percent ready, “reasonable and correct.” At the end of the conference, it was planned to adopt a General statement on “Nord stream-2,” but this did not happen due to critical comments by land associations of the Green party.

Earlier it became known that the German authorities in August 2020 offered the United States a deal on the “Nord stream-2.” Berlin said it is ready to allocate a billion euros to construct two terminals for receiving American liquefied natural gas. In exchange, Washington should waive sanctions against the pipeline.

In September, the US responded to the German proposal. The American side asked not to link the diversification of energy sources with “Nord stream-2,” since Washington sees the project as more than just a competitor in the market. According to the US, the project poses a threat to the energy security of Europe. They also believe that with the help of gas, Russia will exert political pressure on European countries and especially Ukraine.