In Georgia, the Senate election rivals are almost level

99% of the votes have already been counted.

The Pentagon advised the new US administration to review national security strategies

The head of the Strategic Command of the US Armed Forces, Charles Richard, in particular, noted that the nuclear doctrine “is defined at the current stage too narrowly.”

The new American government, led by President Joseph Biden, should review the American nuclear doctrine and some other strategies related to ensuring national security. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) of the Armed Forces of the USA, Admiral Charles Richard.

“I welcome the study of the country’s strategy here. I recommend this based on the threat. The threat is changing so quickly that even with the time that has passed since the last nuclear doctrine was prepared, it would be justified to take another look at this to ensure that our strategy is supported and that there is sufficient capacity to implement it, ” the military commander said, answering an online briefing on the advice of the new US administration.

“However, < … > I also believe that the nuclear doctrine is defined [at the current stage] too narrowly,” Richard stressed. From his point of view, if such doctrinal documents are divided into, for example, only nuclear weapons, missile defense, military space, then “you lose sight of the integrity of strategic threats to the country and its allies.” “I would recommend a broader strategic review, not just a review of the components,” the commander explained. In his view, the United States has “essentially the same national security strategy” that it has had “since the [John] Kennedy administration <…>,” that is, since the early 1960s. Meanwhile, now there are no separate nuclear deterrence or deterrence in cyberspace, this problem must be approached comprehensively, says Chief STRATCOM.

He also noted that a large-scale hacker attack on US government agencies’ systems, for which, according to Washington, Russia is probably responsible, did not affect the computer networks of the command entrusted to him. “My command, control, and communication systems are fully ready for combat missions. I didn’t see any signs of an invasion,” Richard said.

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