In France, violators of the quarantine began to be sent to custody

In France, began to apply a measure in the form of detention for malicious violators of the quarantine, according to a number of media outlets on Friday, March 20, RFI reports.

Law enforcement forces in France began applying tougher measures to violators on the third day of the quarantine. According to Le Parisien, at least five people who refused to comply with the quarantine were detained in the departments of Seine-Saint-Denis and Pas-de-Calais.

They are charged with endangering the lives of others. This article provides for up to a year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros. All the detainees were previously fined for leaving the house without a valid reason.

According to BFM TV, the police have already issued 18 thousand fines for 2.4 million euros. In addition, this is not counting the fines issued by the gendarmes. The fine can be increased from 135 to 375 euros in case of non-payment within the established period. Initially, the fine was 38 euros.

French justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said on Friday, March 20, that she is working on the issue of early release from prison of prisoners with diseases and those whose term is ending. According to the Minister, this will be done within the framework of the law on “emergency sanitary conditions”.

In addition, the Minister spoke about the decision not to send to prison those who were sentenced to “short terms of imprisonment.” She attributed this to a reluctance to overflow prisons in a crisis. Nevertheless, the Minister rejected the idea of a General Amnesty, as “it is necessary to preserve the security of society.”

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron admitted that too many French people did not take seriously the announced measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. According to the latest data, there are almost 11 thousand detected cases of infection in France. 372 the man with the coronavirus had died.

Author: Flyn Braun
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