In France, protesters blocked seven oil refineries

Only one of the eight oil refineries is operating.

PARIS – Participants in a strike in France against pension reform blocked seven of eight French refineries on Tuesday. BFM TV, citing information from the country’s largest trade Union – “The General Confederation of labor,” reported this.

“We are talking about the plants of Esso and Total,” – said the representative of the syndicate Emmanuel Lepin. Total’s refinery in the commune of Donge in the West of the country, which was operating normally on Monday, has rejoined the 24-hour strike. “The delivery of oil products through pipelines, with the help of ships, trains, and trucks, has been interrupted. Not a single drop of fuel will leave the enterprise, “the General Confederation of labor noted.

In turn, a spokesman for Esso said that the strike has “only a limited impact” on the refinery in the town of Fault in southwestern France. In the Var Department in the South-East of the country on Tuesday night, about 60 demonstrators attempted to block the oil terminal in the commune of Puget-sur-Argens. The gendarmerie officers who arrived at the scene dispersed the demonstrators almost immediately.

The unions also called on employees of the Électricité de France (EDF) energy Corporation to join the new day of protest, mobilizing many of the company’s workers, as they did last week.
Mass protests began in France on December 5, marking the beginning of a General strike by transport workers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, firefighters and representatives of many other professions. The French express dissatisfaction with the government’s plans to carry out pension reform, which will abolish benefits and allowances for 42 categories of citizens, including railway men, power engineers, lawyers and even employees of the Paris Opera. In addition, the authorities intend to extend the periods of pension contributions for all categories of citizens. The government considers it necessary to take such measures to avoid a multibillion-dollar deficit in the financing of the pension system in the near future.

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