In France, fined more than 6 thousand people for violating the curfew in the New Year

French police and gendarmes issued more than 6,600 fines on New Year’s Eve for violating the curfew imposed by citizens as a measure to contain the coronavirus epidemic. This was reported on Friday by the BFM TV channel with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs data.

It is noted that from 20.00 on December 31 to 06.00 on January 1, the police conducted 45.4 thousand checks; a valid reason for going out could not be confirmed by 6650 people. The amount of fines is not specified, but for the first such violation in France, they charge € 135, and in case of recidivism, this figure can grow to € 3,750. 662 people were detained for various offenses, of which 407 were imprisoned. The Ministry of Internal Affairs notes that this New Year was calmer than the previous ones, but numerous violations related to pyrotechnics were recorded.

During clashes with aggressive citizens across the country, 25 police officers and gendarmes were injured. At least three — because of a clash with participants of a large-scale illegal party in the Bretagne region in the west of the country, where 2.5 thousand people gathered. According to the TV channel, they continue to celebrate the New Year. The gendarmerie cordoned off the area where the event took place and has not yet taken action to disperse the participants.

The French Interior Ministry has deployed 100,000 police and gendarmes to ensure security on French cities’ streets on New Year’s Eve. One of their main tasks was to prevent unauthorized gatherings and clashes in cities and monitor compliance with the curfew, which operates throughout the country from 20:00 to 06:00 as part of measures to combat the coronavirus epidemic. The restrictions imposed by the state also include a ban on large gatherings and listening to loud music at night-all aimed at preventing underground parties that are held across the country.

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