In five American states, cases of infection with the British strain of coronavirus were detected

We are talking about the states of Georgia, California, Colorado, New York, and Florida.

American experts have recorded Georgia’s first case of infection with a new strain of coronavirus, which was previously detected in the UK. Its carriers have also been identified in California, Colorado, New York, and Florida.

As reported on Tuesday by the Georgia Department of Health, the virus carrier is an 18-year-old man who recently did not make long-distance trips. He’s in quarantine. As stated by the head of the department, Catherine Toomey, the discovery of this variety “should be a wake-up call for all residents” of the state.

Georgia is currently running for the second round of Senate elections.

On Monday, the identification of this type of virus in New York was announced by its Governor Andrew Cuomo. Last week, similar cases were recorded in California, Colorado, and Florida.

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