In December, the United States recorded the highest death rate from coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic

This month, more than 63 thousand Americans died after infection.

More than 63,000 Americans died in December from the coronavirus’s effects, the highest monthly death rate in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. On Monday, CNN reported that 36,964 people died from the effects of the virus in the country in November.

US authorities have high hopes for coronavirus vaccination, launched in the country after the Food and Drug Administration under the US Department of health and human services approved this month COVID-19 vaccines developed by the American company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, as well as the American Moderna. However, for now, experts warn of the likelihood of a further increase in the number of infected people and deaths in the coming weeks due to increased “social activity” of Americans during Christmas and the upcoming new year holidays. This, in particular, was stated on Sunday by the Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases of the United States, Anthony Fauci.

“My colleagues in the health sector and I are concerned that we are likely to see a new wave after the current period, after Christmas (according to the Gregorian calendar, which is celebrated on December 25) and the New year, ” he said in an interview with CNN. Fauci recalled that at least 200 thousand new cases of infection and about 2 thousand associated deaths are registered daily in the country. “The situation is likely to get even worse in the next few weeks,” he warned.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on information from Federal and local authorities, since the beginning of the epidemic in the United States, more than 19.132 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected, 333 118 people have died. The country ranks first in the world in both indicators.

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