In Colorado, a pensioner robbed a Bank and scattered money on the street with the words “Merry Christmas!”

It is reported that passers-by collected the bills scattered by Oliver, and returned them to the Bank.

Creative, though frankly criminal, the idea of a gift for Christmas came to the head of an American pensioner David Oliver from Colorado. A 65-year-old man robbed a Bank in downtown Colorado Springs and “did everything to get him arrested,” local TV channel KKTV reports.

The city police confirmed this information.

After the man took cash from the Bank’s cash register – how much, it is still unknown – he went outside and began to scatter bills shouting “Merry Christmas!” Then Oliver went to the nearest Starbucks, where he waited for the police to arrive.

One of the witnesses told reporters that passers-by collected scattered Oliver bills, and returned them to the Bank. How expensive this gift can cost an American pensioner is not yet reported.

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