In China, Putin commented on the words that the United States is following the path of the USSR

The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the fate of empires make us think deeply, Beijing believes that the actions of major powers and their attitude to other countries will determine not only their own rise and fall but also the fate of all mankind, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a briefing on Monday.

The Russian President on the sidelines of the SPIEF, speaking about the policy in building relations between the United States and other countries, expressed the opinion that America is following the path of the Soviet Union. He noted that the problem of empires is that they think that they are so powerful that they can afford small errors and mistakes, but the number of problems increases – and there comes a time when they can no longer be dealt with.

“We have paid attention to the relevant reports, and the words of President Putin make us think. Today’s world is undergoing major changes, and how the major powers act, how they treat other countries, will not only determine the rise and fall of themselves but also to a large extent determine the future and fate of humanity,” the diplomat said.

According to him, China has always believed that major powers should be such, that is, they should not attack, discredit or tell other countries what to do, and they should not rattle weapons, threaten and intimidate, form groups, and cause division.

Wang Wenbin added that the major powers should take on even greater responsibilities and commitments, put in more effort, and make more contributions. “We hope that all countries, especially large states, will remember the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, will cherish the international system created by the joint efforts of all countries after the Second World War with the dominant role of the UN, jointly implement true multilateralism and jointly promote the democratization of international relations,” he added.

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