In China, China Telecom tests quantum encryption of telephone conversations

China Telecom Launches Quantum Encrypted Calling Services

The service is being launched so far only in the Anhui province. Those wishing to try quantum technologies need to visit the communication salon and replace the SIM card, as well as install the Quantum Secure Call application, which is currently only available for Android OS.

The service is available from January 1, but special customers will be allowed to provide it, not everyone. According to the source, quantum encryption algorithms can provide an unprecedentedly secure connection with end-to-end encryption.

Quantum encryption, unlike conventional end-to-end encryption, is based on the laws of quantum physics. The system generates two secret keys using a quantum code and a service that verifies the caller ID and required call information, providing end-to-end encryption.

So far, more detailed information about the service, including its prices, has not been specified.

Later, China Telecom is going to make the service available to ordinary users.

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