In China, a mushroom-shaped house was built in the middle of the forest

This unusual mushroom-shaped structure is located in a pine forest in the city of Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, China. It was designed and built by the architectural studio ZJJZ, writes What is it and what function does it perform?

This is a residential building with an area of 50 square meters. It was conceived as a secluded retreat in the serene forests of China and was designed to maintain a symbolic connection with nature.

The house is built of concrete; the roof is lined with pine shingles, which gives the structure a very organic and natural look. The structure merges with the greenery around and seems to be part of it, and not a concrete structure that is “stuck” among the trees. The mushroom house consists of two parts — the main mushroom-shaped area, most of which is occupied by the bedroom.

The main feature here is tape glazing almost around the entire circumference of the room. Thanks to this technique, the bedroom offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

The second floor, which is connected to the bedroom by a small staircase, serves as a place for children to play

The bathroom and storage room are located in the second volume of the house. Next to the bathroom is a horizontal window in the roof, allowing light to enter the space. The lobby at the entrance is a meeting place for guests.

As mentioned earlier, the house was built with a harmonious relationship with nature in mind. It was raised on a steel structure to minimize and reduce the impact of construction on the surrounding nature.

The architects expect that over time, the trees will surround the building, creating an exquisite combination of architecture and nature.

Author: Julia Harris
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