In China, 22 people died from coronavirus in a day, in Italy — 6 times more

Italy came in second place in the world after South Korea in the frequency of infection with the coronavirus. There are 122 people with coronavirus for every million people in the country. For comparison, there are only 58 in China.

According to the National Health Commission of China, 40 new cases of infection were registered over the past day, and 22 people died (21 in Hubei province). During the day, 1.5 thousand people were discharged from hospitals.

The total number of people infected with coronavirus in China is 80,735. More than 3 thousand people died of the disease, and 58.6 thousand recovered.

According to WHO, the disease has spread to 103 countries. The total number of registered cases is almost 107 thousand, and 3,639 people died.

In Italy, another 133 people have died in the past 24 hours. 366 people died from the disease. In addition, almost 1,500 new infections were detected during the day. In total, the virus was detected in 7375 people.

Italy ranked first in the world in mortality from coronavirus (4.96%). The second place is in the United States (4.03%). China is third (3.83%), and Iran is fourth (2.96%). South Korea has the fewest fatalities, with 0.68% of cases dying.

A German citizen died for the first time from COVID-19. He died in Egypt. This is the first death from a coronavirus in Africa. In Germany itself, the infection was detected in 902 people, all patients are alive.

The first two cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Albania. Reuters reported this on Monday, citing the country’s Ministry of health.

The Czech Republic and Poland will introduce additional checks at the borders with Germany from Monday, March 9. As indicated by the police in Bavaria, checks will be carried out selectively to identify individuals who may be infected with the coronavirus.

The tennis tournament in Indian Wells (USA, California), the qualification of which was supposed to start on Monday, was canceled due to the coronavirus.

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