In Canada, an outbreak of an unknown disease was recorded

Doctors have discovered an outbreak of an unknown disease in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. This is reported by The New York Times.

The first patients with a new set of neurological disorders appeared in the country in 2015, but by that time the number of cases had grown to fifty. Six deaths were also recorded. It is noteworthy that all the time, people living in only two coastal areas of New Brunswick became ill.

Symptoms of an unknown disease are rapidly progressing dementia and various psychiatric manifestations. Patients also complain of insomnia, impaired motor, and visual functions. Doctors cannot classify this disease, because each time they face a different set of symptoms.

The autopsy of the deceased also did not allow us to get closer to solving the mystery. So, suspicions of prion disease were groundless. Now the main theories of the disease are considered poisoning by neurotoxins, in particular domoic acid, which is found in some algae, as well as shellfish and fish. At the moment, doctors describe the disease as “neurological syndrome of unknown etiology in New Brunswick.” In February, it was reported that at least 15 people in Tanzania were killed by an unknown disease. The unidentified virus, which is spreading through the Mbeya region in the southern African state, has also led to the hospitalization of more than 50 people. It causes patients to vomit blood and die within a few hours. In addition, the disease can also cause nausea. Local medical experts believe the outbreak is unlikely to spread widely. They noted that men most often suffer from the disease.

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