In California, up to eight thousand prisoners will be released due to COVID-19

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) plans to release up to 8 thousand more prisoners by the end of August as part of measures to combat the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the Department said in a press release.

As stated in the CDCR statement, as a result of measures already taken to combat the spread of COVID-19, the prison population has already been reduced by about 10,000 people in the state since March.

Now, according to the Department’s estimates, up to 8,000 more prisoners may be released by the end of August.

“These measures are taken to ensure the health and safety of prisoners and employees. We strive to implement these load reduction measures in a way that is consistent with the protection of both public health and public safety,” said CDCR spokesman Ralph Diaz, quoted in a press release.

It is noted that only those prisoners whose prison term expires in a year or earlier and who have no signs indicating a high risk of violence on their part can be released. Also, the release will not affect prisoners who are in prison for crimes related to domestic violence, violent crimes, or illegal sexual acts.

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