In California, an American won a competition by growing a pumpkin weighing more than 1 ton

Travis Gienger received $16,450.

A resident of Minnesota, who grew a pumpkin weighing 1,066 kg, was declared the winner of the annual World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off competition near San Francisco (California). The $16,450 prize went to 40-year-old Travis Gienger. The amount of prize money was determined at the rate of $7 for each pound of weight (over 2,500 pounds in total).

Travis said that he had been growing pumpkins since high school, continuing his father’s business. This time, he approached the task very carefully: he watered the pumpkin 10 times a day and fertilized it at least twice a day.

The most important part of the work fell on the transportation of pumpkins from Minnesota to California. “I was very nervous, as every bump in the road made me wonder if the fruit would survive. When he was finally put on the scale, I was able to catch my breath. It was just incredible,” said the winner of one of the contests that are traditionally held in the United States on the eve of Halloween.

A resident of Minnesota took part in the competition for the first time in California and immediately won it. The American, however, is not sure that he will try again next year. “I may need to skip one year to get my nerves right and rest,” he explained.

Simultaneously, the winner of the 47th contest in California remains far behind the record achievements both in the United States and in the world. In 2018, a 1,134 kg pumpkin was grown in New Hampshire. And the world record reached 1,179 kg and was set at a pan-European competition in Germany in 2016.

Halloween is always celebrated in the United States on October 31, the eve of all saints ‘ day. It is believed that immigrants from Ireland brought this holiday. It is based on the pagan belief that on this night, the souls of the dead return to their homes to collect “tribute” in the form of food.

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