In Britain, they will start emergency vaccination of doctors from COVID-19

According to a letter from the leadership of hospitals and nursing homes, about three million health and social workers will be urgently vaccinated against the coronavirus in England due to a shortage of staff in hospitals and nursing homes caused by an increase in COVID-19 infections the National Health System (NHS).

On Friday, the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom reported that 68,053 people were infected with the country’s coronavirus during the day, and 1,325 people died. This is a record since the beginning of the pandemic in Britain in the spring of 2020. Simultaneously, the shortage of staff in hospitals due to illness or self-isolation of doctors increased to 8-12%, compared to the usual level of 4%. The NHS says that it is currently working in the most stressful conditions in history.

“You now immediately need to vaccinate doctors and social workers working on the front line, ensure the maximum level of vaccination, as well as timely and fair access to the vaccine in all groups of employees. It is time to vaccinate medics and caseworkers in the priority order set by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization,” the NHS management said in a letter sent to regional units.

Previously, it was planned that all doctors and social workers would receive the vaccine after patients of nursing homes and people over 80 years old, who are currently being vaccinated. Some health workers have already been vaccinated, but this is the first time emergency mass vaccination has been mentioned.

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