In Belize, told when the country would open to tourist

Belizean Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the Philip Goldson international airport, located in Ladyville, will reopen on August 15, which will start international tourism in the country, according to Lonely Planet.

“The decision was not easy. In our region, the number of cases of infection with the new coronavirus continues to grow. In the US, our largest source of tourists, the number of states where there is a significant jump in COVID-19 figures is alarming,” Barrow said. “Moreover, Florida is likely to become the new American epicenter, and California and Texas, which also have direct flights to Belize, are among those where there is a resurgence of the virus.”

He added that since, according to experts, the end of the problems with the coronavirus is not yet visible; the authorities decided that further waiting will not provide a more favorable starting point for the resumption of tourism.

Before arriving in Belize, guests will need to download the Belize Health app, which will allow authorities to track their movements throughout the country. You need to register on the app every day.

Travelers are encouraged to take the COVID-19 test. Those who did not do this before arrival has to undergo a study at the airport at their own expense. Tourists with a positive result will be quarantined for 14 days, also at their own expense.

The country itself has approved the “Gold standard of tourism” program for restaurants, hotels, and tour operators. It involves face masks in public places, hand sanitizers, bandwidth restrictions for groups of travelers, and the use of contactless payment systems.