In Australia, tested a robot with a new type of wheels

Australian engineers tested the robot with a new type of wheels – they allow you to change the height of the axle relative to the ground, as well as the gear ratio on the go. The prototype test video is published on YouTube.

In traditional wheeled systems, shock absorbers are used to drive cross-country terrain, which partially dampens the impacts on the wheels. Engineers led by Jonathan Roberts of Queensland University of Technology suggested testing a robot equipped with passive shock absorbers, but actuators that can independently change the axis of rotation of the wheel, its height and change the parameters of movement.

Such a system allows you to change the height of the device, its tilt and even the angle of movement. In addition, the technology allows you to keep the body of the device always in a horizontal position.

In the future, such systems are unlikely to be used in domestic conditions, scientists say. However, such technologies can be used in the development of new generation rovers and moon rovers.

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