In Albania, 28 people rescued from the rubble after the earthquake

BELGRADE – In Albania, 28 people were rescued from the rubble after a strong earthquake, Prime Minister Edi Rama said.

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck on Tuesday near the Albanian capital Tirana. According to seismologists, it was followed by a series of aftershocks of magnitude above 5. According to the latest data, 13 people were killed. The country’s schools were closed. The President Ilir Meta visited the wounded at the Central hospital of Tirana and called the situation dramatically.

“The number of people rescued from the rubble has reached 28 people. Rescuers from Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, and (self-proclaimed) Kosovo will take part in the search on the ground,” Daily News quoted the Albanian Prime Minister as saying.

It is noted that many citizens continue to be missing.

The leaders of neighboring Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo have already offered assistance with equipment and rescuers to Albania.
According to local media, the strongest tremors were felt in Tirana, as well as in the city of Durresi, which is located closest to the epicenter of the earthquake. Several buildings collapsed, under the rubble may still be people.

The Russian Embassy in Albania reported that information about the injured Russian citizens was not received, the staff of the diplomatic mission was not injured.

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