In a British village, an old TV turned off the Internet every morning for a year and a half

In the Welsh village of Aberhosan, broadband Internet was lost every day at seven o’clock in the morning — this lasted for a year and a half. After replacing the cable did not solve the problem, engineers began an investigation. It turned out that the old TV was to blame, writes TJournal regarding the BBC.

To find the source of the problem, engineers walked around the village with a spectrum analyzer. In the end, they found the reason. It turned out that the owner of the TV turned it on every day at 7 am, and the interference coming from it affected the broadband connection. The man was upset to learn about this and promised not to use the old equipment anymore. After that, the Internet didn’t break anymore.

Openreach chief engineer Suzanne Rutherford explained that anything related to electrical components-from street lighting to microwave ovens-could potentially affect broadband connections.

“We would just advise the public to make sure their electrical appliances are properly certified and meet current British standards,” she said.