8 Ways Image Search is Changing Ecommerce

You might have heard the saying millions of times that a picture says a thousand words. Well, this is a true statement, but today it has been updated in terms of search engine optimization. These days you can say that an image speaks for a thousand searches. Image search which is more commonly known as reverse image search has become an important part of the day-to-day online activities. According to recent reports, more than 25% of searches today are being made via google images. Image search is changing the digital world and the trends of eCommerce and if you are not familiar with the changes then let us tell you about the eight major ways in which image search in changing digital marketing!

Conducting reverse image searches

Today digital markers are taking advantage of the reverse image search trends. The companies upload every image that they have of their products and services in Google images. Annotating these images with their details can be immensely helpful in leading the users directly to the websites. Now when people make reverse image searches in different images or via text, they can easily get hooked with the linked images available on Google. Choosing these images can take them to the platform that has that product. This increases the traffic on the website and as a result, increases sales. This way reverse image search has been changing the marketing trends! You can do a photo search by uploading an image or keyword in Google images, or image search tool like SmallSeoTools, Conduct image search by click this link you will get hundreds of results related to that particular image.

A more impressive image experience

You would be astonished to know that people today are more interested in image content rather than they are in the text. Based on this change in expectation of the users, Google has started ranking the websites and the pages that have images on them above the ones that only have text. Content creators are also using this image, adding technique in their contents. Adding images in guest posts having backlinks in them can take potential clients to the original website or store!

Keywords and alternate text

You must understand that alternate text and image related keywords are very much important these days. You must know that as standard keywords are important for blogs, in the same way, image keywords are important for eCommerce sites. You must understand that sometimes images don’t load on pages because of different reasons. The alternate text comes in handy in this situation as when the image won’t open, and the text would describe the image in words to the user. By not attaching keywords or phrases to the images, you are wasting a valuable opportunity!

The use of social media

Today images play an important role in attracting clients from social media towards conventional websites. You must know that images attract more traffic on social media than text does. When you are scrolling down the social media feed, you would only stop for an image that triggers your interest, and this is the very reason that we want you guys to know that adding images in Facebook or Twitter posts can help you gather a lot of traffic and that too organic!

The importance of voice search

Today the Digi-technology has advanced so much that it has become impossible to keep up with it. Voice search has become very common these days, and today people are even making image searches with their voices. Bixby, Siri and Google assistant are the top three voice search assistant programs that can help you in making an intelligent voice search. You can search for an image by just commanding the alternate text or keywords related to that image!

The scan in buy app technology

This is one of the best ways in which image searching has changed the digital business. Today you don’t need to enter code numbers of products manually and stuff in the computer rather you have to scan the barcode or the image so that you can find out the details on the product. The bar code scanning has been here for a lot of years, and it has made eCommerce billing easier!

Finding images has never been easier

Today if you need to follow a design or even find one, you can easily do it with the help of reverse image searching. There are many platforms like pic art and Pinterest that are filled up with millions if not billions of images. You can not only find images, but you can also enjoy other search results by making a reverse image search! One can find out about every relative or similar image available across the internet!

Other uses of reverse image search!

Reverse image search has made lives a lot easy and has a great impact on modern businesses. We want readers to know that today if someone is using the same image as you are using for your product, then you can easily find it out and report it before it damages your search results! Some of the important and common uses of the image search technique are stated in this section. Read about them and know what you can do with the reverse search!

  • One can easily find similar images and relative ones that are available online, and these can be the ones with different shapes, sizes and even resolutions!
  • You must also know that with reverse image search, you can easily discover image plagiarism which could be damaging your sales and authority.
  • With the reverse image search, you can find out about the content on an image
  • One can create backlink opportunities for their business. This is a very important aspect of the reverse image search. When you make an image search on one of your images, then you would get details about the sites that are having similar images as yours. This would help you link to them!
  • You can also find out fake accounts with a reverse image search.

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