IBM, Amazon, and Google Provide Supercomputers for COVID-19 Research

IBM, Amazon, and Google have provided computing power for COVID-19 research. A public-private partnership between companies, the White House and several universities will accelerate the study of a new type of coronavirus and find ways to deal with it. About this writes TechCrunch with reference to a statement by US President Donald trump.

An IBM spokesman said that the company is working with a number of national laboratories and other institutions to provide a total of 330 petaflops of computing power for various projects in the field of epidemiology, bioinformatics, and molecular modeling.

“”How can supercomputers help us fight this virus?” High-performance computing systems allow researchers to carry out a very large number of calculations in epidemiology, bioinformatics and molecular modeling. These experiments can take years if they are done manually, or months if they run on slower traditional computing platforms”.

Dario Jill, IBM

John Kahan, head of the AI ​​Global Health AI program at Microsoft, added that Microsoft wants to “provide a situation in which COVID-19 researchers have access to the necessary tools for modeling and research.” In line with this, the company has expanded access to its Azure cloud computing service.

Author: Flyn Braun
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