‘I think this just got me prednant:’ Blake Lively trolls Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds recently recalled the 2010 movie ‘Buried’, in which he starred.

He posted a shot in which his character is lying in a box under the ground and drinking from a flask, and was glad that the film is on Hulu after so many years.

‘Before Deadpool, I was an actor. One of my favorite projects is Buried Alive, which is now on Hulu. 10 years have passed, and he is still holding on!’ – signed the video Ryan.

The wife of the actor, Blake Lively, hastened to comment on her husband and shared her impressions of his publication:

‘I think this just got me pregnant.’

Reynolds did not leave her unanswered. He wrote to his wife:

The relationship between Lively and Reynolds is extraordinary – the couple regularly trolls each other, moreover, in public, but does not cease to be an example of family relationships for fans.