Hurricane “Humberto” is coming to Bermuda

The disaster has already led to a blackout in 16 thousand homes in the archipelago.

Authorities in Bermuda, a British overseas territory located in the North-West Atlantic Ocean, have warned locals of the approach of hurricane Humberto and possible road flooding and the threat of tornadoes.

On Wednesday, Humberto has already led to a power outage in almost 16 thousand homes in the archipelago, said the local electricity supplier, Belco.
Heavy rains and gale-force winds will hit Bermuda in full force on Wednesday night, said the National Hurricane Center in Miami. However, according to meteorologists, the Islands are likely to be able to avoid the most severe impact of the disaster.

James Dodgson, Director of the Bermuda Weather Service, says weather conditions have already deteriorated and warns of strong winds that will bring the hurricane.

In the second half of Wednesday, the center of Humberto was to the West of the archipelago, located in 1046 km from the East coast of the United States. In the center of the storm, the wind reaches a speed of 193 km per hour, the storm itself moves at a speed of 26 km per hour. Humberto is now a category three hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, according to the National hurricane center.

Forecasters warn that the hurricane can knock down trees, damaged power lines, and tornadoes can damage buildings. Ferry services have been discontinued on the Islands, and the main island highway leading to the international airport was closed at 18:00 local time. In the most suitable buildings, the authorities began to organize shelters for residents in the event of an emergency.

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