Hurricane Epsilon breaks weather records

This is the fourth hurricane and the 26th storm in the current hurricane season.

American meteorologists note a decrease in hurricane Epsilon’s intensity, which last night was assigned the status of a category 3 storm.

However, Epsilon, a strong category 2 storm, can still cause tropical storms in Bermuda.

According to the latest report from the National hurricane center, Epsilon has located 385 km East-Southeast of Bermuda, with a maximum wind speed of 155 kilometers per hour. The storm is expected to approach Bermuda on Thursday or Friday but avoid intensified, the wind speed reached 185 kilometers per hour, which led to an increase in the category. A special US air force hurricane hunter plane flew into the center of the storm late on Wednesday and found its width is 22 kilometers. The contours are sharply outlined, indicating the intensity of the storm.
Epsilon was the fourth major hurricane of the current season, along with Laura, Teddy, and Delta, and the second major hurricane of October.

Meteorologists say that there were only six cases in previous years when two major hurricanes formed in October, and there were never more than two.

Epsilon already set a record for rapid intensification when it turned from a tropical storm to a category 1 hurricane on Tuesday night. This is the 26th storm of this hurricane season.
The storm creates dangerous conditions in waters from the Bahamas in the South to Canada in the North.

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