Hundreds of National guardsmen in Washington infected with coronavirus

Sufficient measures to counteract the virus were not observed everywhere.

Hundreds of US National Guard troops sent to the capital Washington after the riots on January 6 contracted the coronavirus or were quarantined in hotels in the city. This was reported on Friday by the newspaper Politico, citing sources in the guard.

The publication emphasizes that the relevant committee of the US Senate is investigating the situation. As the guards told the newspaper, sufficient measures to counteract the virus were not observed everywhere. Most of the soldiers who arrived in the capital did not pass the coronavirus test. Some detachments only had their temperature measured and were asked about possible contacts with those infected. Also, the servicemen were in cramped conditions and were not able to maintain a social distance.

According to the newspaper, most of the fighters were infected before arriving in Washington, while at their duty stations, and carry the disease asymptomatically.

Author: Steve Cowan
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