Hundreds of migrants stormed the border of Mexico and the United States, the border guards used tear gas

At least 500 people from the caravan of migrants who arrived in the Mexican city of Tijuana, took on Sunday, November 25, an attempt to storm the barrier on the border of Mexico and the United States. This was reported by the US Secretary of homeland security Kirsten Nielsen.

The riots were preceded by a peaceful demonstration of refugees, later several hundred of its participants separated from the procession and broke through to the barriers. Among them were women and children.

At the same time, the Mexican police could not hold back the pressure of the crowd. According to Nielsen, employees of Customs and border protection service, the U.S. flew the materials at hand, the answer was dispersed by tear gas.


Later, activists of the Cosecha movement, speaking in support of migrants, made a statement that because of the use of gas killed a little girl. Official confirmation of this information yet.

Rioters deported

Meanwhile, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Mexico has already said that about 500 people are being deported, who “illegally” and “with the use of force” tried to cross the border with the United States.

American authorities blocked the checkpoint between San Diego and Tijuana, the movement of cars is also blocked in both directions.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Mexico has accepted the proposal of the Trump administration, according to which Mexicans who wish to immigrate to the United States should expect a decision on asylum in their country. Officially, the agreement has not yet been signed, the details will be discussed, the newspaper wrote.

About 15 thousand migrants want to get to the United States

In the Mexican city of Tijuana on the border with the United States are about five thousand migrants, in particular from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. According to some estimates, about 10 thousand people are on the way to Tijuana, whose authorities have already announced a “humanitarian crisis” in connection with the influx of refugees

Author: Flyn Braun
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