Humanoid robot climbed the stairs and descended, grabbing the handrail

A bipedal humanoid robot from Japanese engineers was able to climb the stairs and then slide down the iron rail.

Japanese engineers from Vstone demonstrated their Robovie-Z design skills at the ROBO-ONE competition.

A bipedal humanoid robot has an advantage over a wheeled one – it has a high cross-country ability. Now experts in robotics are working on the development of walking technology for bipedal robots. At the same time, in addition to the legs, the hands of a person can also be connected to movement. If a robot can use all four limbs, like a human, it can move around unstructured terrain with maximum efficiency and perform various tasks.

The new Robovie-Z robot has multi-segment arms and legs. Unlike many analogs, there are grips at the end of the arms, which the developers used in this demo. They pre-trained the robot to climb stairs and use its arms to descend.

The demonstration began right next to the stairs, so the robot immediately began to climb up, alternately grabbing the rungs of the stairs and placing its feet. After that, he stepped down the stairs, walked under the handrail, and grabbed it with both hands. Then he lifted his legs and rolled down.

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