Hugh Jackman urges subscribers to wear protective masks

Since the start of the pandemic, Hugh Jackman has not stopped talking to his Instagram followers about the importance of taking all precautions. The actor “taught” fans to wash their hands thoroughly, and also made and posted a banner with his photo to remind people of the importance of keeping distance. Jackman now asks fans to wear masks whenever possible. Hugh recently posted a photo of himself as a masked Wolverine in stories, which reads: “Cover your face, save lives. Or Logan will come for you. “

Unlike many stars, Jackman does not use designer masks but dispenses with ordinary medical ones and in most of his Instagram photos appear with a mask on his face.

In July, Hugh admitted that he misses his native Australia, but has to stay in New York due to the lockdown. His wife Deborra-Lee Furness and children came to him from Melbourne in March, as soon as a pandemic was declared, to sit out quarantine together.

As for Wolverine, Deborra-Lee recently admitted that she almost persuaded her husband to give up the role. The actress said she was skeptical when Hugh was going to audition. Fortunately, Jackman did not succumb to his wife’s influence. “When you are married, you are a team. And you want the best for each other. I said then to Hugh: “And what are you going to do in this film with these claws?” – Deborra shared in an interview.

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