Hugh Jackman laughed at Ryan Reynolds after the 2020 Emmy nomination

Hugh Jackman was nominated for an Emmy 2020 for his performance in the HBO ‘Flawless’ movie. The lists of nominees appeared recently, and the award ceremony itself is to be held in September, however, it is still unknown, in a virtual format or in reality, but with respect to the distance.

In an interview with E! Magazine Jackman shared his feelings about being included in the list of nominees and did not forget about his longtime “enemy” Ryan Reynolds – they troll each other at every opportunity.

Hugh said:

It’s so nice to wake up from such news! I am delighted that the film was nominated. A good day. So many letters came from everyone I know. Only from Ryan Reynolds nothing came. Oh, Blake wrote something … Wait, I’m reading … “He’s crushed. It has been the third day that she has not got out of bed. This is the best gift you could give me. ” I don’t know, that’s all Blake wrote.

Reynolds did write down a congratulation for a friend, stating that Hugh’s nomination was ‘crazy, but not because you don’t deserve it.’

Jackman had previously fired another arrow at Ryan after his Mint Mobile commercial, which featured Reynolds’ mom. Hugh watched the video and wrote in the comments:

Dear Mrs. Reynolds. For raising a son like Ryan, I declare you a saint. Love, Hugh.

At the height of the pandemic, Jackman said that due to participation in a charity project, he and Ryan paused their “feud.” The actor also joked that he was considering a plan to take revenge on Ryan for about five hours a day.

‘I try to think about it no more than five hours a day. I’ve already realized that it’s unhealthy to spend all day thinking about how to hurt Reynolds. But five hours a day is fine. This way I will always be ready to answer,’ – Jackman joked.

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