Hugh Jackman continues to mock Ryan Reynolds

The sworn friends took part in a charity competition, and it was recently revealed that the 52-year-old Wolverine was victorious. Hugh Jackman was the first to know the fight’s results and hastened to share them with 44-year-old Ryan Reynolds. The message turned out to be laconic and very harsh for those who are not aware of what is happening between the famous actors.

“You lost Sam’s Club competition. I won. Everyone hates you. Bye, ” Jackman told Reynolds, who looked confused. Fans of the stars laughed at the video and appreciated Hugh’s love for detail: the actor recorded Ryan as Brian.

Now the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars use their “enmity” for good, but once they teased and ridiculed each other solely for entertainment. In a recent interview, Jackman admitted that it all began ten years ago when Reynolds was married to his close friend, Scarlett Johansson.

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