Hugh Grant explains seven-year hiatus from filming

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the famous actor explained a long break in his collaboration with Hollywood: “Of course, it is tempting to say that I am tired of working on the set, of fame and royalties, but it will be fair to say that Hollywood is tired of me and not made interesting proposals. “

According to Grant, the first difficulties appeared in 2005, then there was an attempt to return in 2009. “Working with the wonderful Sarah Jessica Parker turned out to be a complete failure despite our efforts! Feedback from fans, press and professional critics simply destroyed us, ” the actor recalls with chagrin.

The film Did You Hear About the Morgans flopped at the box office: at a modest expense of $ 58 million, it grossed only $ 29 million. So, Hugh went on a forced vacation. Fortunately, he had something to do. Family chores after building a relationship with a beautiful wife and caring for children helped to distract Grant from thoughts of professional failure.

The father of three is currently co-starring with Nicole Kidman on HBO’s The Undoing. He left behind the difficulties of the quarantine period and is quite content with life both on the personal and career front.

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