Hubble showed the dwarf galaxy KK 246 – it looks like sparkles on paper!

Hubble revealed the dwarf galaxy KK 246 at Local Void. It looks like glitter on paper, according to a press release issued by the European Aerospace Agency (ESA).

The telescope photograph shows a dwarf galaxy KK 246 or ESO 461-036. It is located in Local Void, a region of cosmic void discovered in 1987.

So far, very little is known about it – the fact is that it is closed from observations by the Milky Way galaxy, and its size is determined by the contour of other objects – the outlines of the Milky Way and the profiles of neighboring galaxies.

This is the so-called irregular galaxy – it, together with 15 companion galaxies, is in the field of cosmic void. So far, very little is known about it – judging by the picture, it has a width of at least 15 million light-years.