Huawei smartphones may be left without Android updates – all due to US sanctions

US sanctions continue to hit Huawei with renewed vigor: following the loss of proprietary Kirin chips, the Chinese company may also lose Android updates.

Recall that Huawei was included in the US “blacklist” in May last year. But since then, there has been a Temporary General License (TGL) from the American authorities, which granted a so-called adaptation period to companies cooperating with Huawei. This mainly concerned small regional operators that could not replace Huawei equipment so quickly.

But the other day this license has expired. The US Department of Commerce explained that it “enabled users and telecommunications service providers to continue to interact with existing networks and devices, accelerating the transition to alternative providers.” There is no information about the license renewal yet.

But the temporary license allowed not only to use the equipment but also to receive Android software updates. This means that now, it seems, Google will not be able to update Huawei devices, even older models that came out before the imposition of sanctions. Also, smartphones and tablets will not be able to pass SafetyNet certification, which means that users may stop working some banking and payment applications and games.