Huawei plans to build a factory in China to produce its own chips without US technology

According to the American edition of Bloomberg, referring to the Financial Times, Huawei is going to build a plant for the production of its own microcircuits without using US technology.

The report says the plant will appear in Shanghai. Since Huawei has no experience in building SoCs, it will be operated by the Shanghai IC R&D Center, which is funded by the city government.

Naturally, you shouldn’t wait for the release of top-end solutions right away. Huawei will start from scratch. The first chips will be built using a 45-nanometer process technology. Next, Huawei plans to launch production of 28nm SoCs for IoT devices. According to sources, this will not take place until the end of 2021. By the end of 2022, Huawei is set to release 20nm chips for 5G telecom equipment. There is no information about the release dates of mobile processors yet. They obviously should not be expected in the next 5 years.

Recall that due to US sanctions, Huawei had to abandon proprietary Kirin processors, which were manufactured by TSMC.

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