Huawei is preparing another “smart” speaker – Sound Pro

Huawei recently introduced smart speakers Sound and Sound X. Now, according to sources, their series will be replenished with another model.

Unfortunately, the insider, who became the source of the leak, did not disclose either the characteristics or the name of the future novelty. But, most likely, it will be called Huawei Sound Pro or Huawei Sound X Pro.

The new model is expected to have similar features. Recall that Sound and Sound X received the Devialet speaker system, Hi-Res Audio certification, provide stereo sound when paired, and support Huawei Xiaoyi AI voice assistant. Outwardly, they are similar to the Apple Homepod and differ from each other in size. The Pro version will probably come with some extra features and better sound quality.

By the way, the Huawei Sound X speaker was unveiled back in November 2019 at the MatePad Pro launch event, and then again along with the P40 sedies earlier this year. Huawei Sound made its debut last month at the launch event for the flagship Mate 40 series. Therefore, you can expect the Huawei Sound Pro or Huawei Sound X Pro to be announced at some major event. For example, at the presentation of the flagship P50 series next year.

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