Huawei introduced an analogue of Google Search – Petal Search service

Huawei has officially unveiled its replacement for Google Search – Petal Search. This is stated in a statement by the Chinese corporation.

Using Petal Search, users can not only search for the necessary information but also watch the news, weather, videos, and listen to music, book hotel rooms, and download applications. In addition, Huawei promises to gradually increase the functionality of the service.

The company has been developing this service for more than a year, when Google, due to US sanctions, closed the company access to its services. During testing, the search service was called Huawei Search.

In addition, the company released Huawei AppGallery – an application installation platform that will now be preinstalled on all Huawei smartphones instead of a similar store from Google. However, it is still not possible to download Facebook, Instagram, and other popular American services in AppGallery.