Huami prepares for the announcement of the first “smart” Amazfit Smart Scale

Huami is known for its Amazfit smartwatch and the production of Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers. Now the manufacturer has decided to expand the range and is preparing to launch its first “smart” scales.

According to the leaks, the scales will be called Amazfit Smart Scale and have already passed Bluetooth certification. The documentation on the website indicates that the scale has a model number of A2003, supports Bluetooth 5.0, and uses a Bluetooth module from Broadcom Beken Corp.

In addition, scales can now be added in the Amazfit app, although they have not yet been officially announced.

Unfortunately, there are no further details about the scales. Most likely, they will be able to measure not only weight but also other parameters (for example, body mass index, muscle mass, percentage of fat, etc.) and will be sold at an affordable price.

Author: John Kessler
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