How to send a fax via email: Free Internet Faxing

Online fax services make it easy to send a fax via email. Thanks to fax security, some businesses and corporations have reverted to faxes. Traditional fax machines are expensive and not easy to use. 

Most online fax services provide you a free trial period. Best of all, they let you fax from the comfort of your home or office without a conventional fax machine. With online fax services, they provide multiple ways of faxing. 

Read on to find out how you can send free fax via email. 

First, select an online fax service – CocoFax

CocoFax, according to GoogleFaxFree, is the best online fax service to send fax via email. GoogleFaxFree is an online faxing blog that highlights the most reliable online fax services. 

With GoogleFaxFree, you will learn everything about online faxing. 

For more details, click here to visit Google Fax Free website. As suggested by this blog site, CocoFax online faxing capabilities have been featured in Forbes and the New York Times. With CocoFax, you can send faxes from email and other platforms. 

Most online fax services require a subscription and offer a free trial. CocoFax is no exception. It gives you a 30-day free trial period. Over a million professionals and businesses trust CocoFax across the world. 

With CocoFax, you can also send a fax from a smartphone app or the CocoFax dashboard. What’s more, you get a free fax number which is necessary for sending and receiving faxes.  

Linking your email to CocoFax

After selecting an online fax service, you are ready to start. CocoFax makes the process of sending a fax via email easy. To get started, you need to sign up for the service using your email address. 

Step 1: Go to the official CocoFax website to sign up using your email address. During the process, CocoFax will allow you to choose a custom fax number. Also, you will get 30 days of trial. 


Step 2: Next, log in to your email address. Now, open a new email window to start drafting new fax. Provide the recipient fax number instead of email address in the ‘To’ field. Below is an example using a Gmail account. 


Ensure the fax number is followed by If the recipient fax number is 12345 then it should be The email will be redirected to CocoFax where it is converted into fax before transmitting. 

To include a cover page, enter content in the email body. Also, you can include a note by filling in the Subject field. As well, CocoFax allows you to attach files before merging them into one file prior to transmission. 

Step 3: After you are done creating and proofreading the fax, click the Send button. CocoFax will receive it and convert it into a fax file before sending it to the recipient. The conversion and transmission take place in an instant. 

Shortly after, you will get a notification of whether the fax was sent successfully. In case of transmission issues, contact the recipient to know if the fax machine is busy. It is the main reason behind the failed delivery report.

Receiving faxes in your email: With CocoFax, it is easy to receive faxes in your email address. It automatically forwards all received faxes into your email address in pdf format. 

CocoFax will even send notifications to your email address for each received fax. It will ensure you don’t miss important alerts or faxes. 

Unique CocoFax features 

CocoFax with advanced internet faxing features that set it apart. Below are some of them:

Cocofax features

  1. Safe and secure 

To secure faxes during transmission, CocoFax uses the latest security protocols. It encrypts faxes to ensure no unauthorized access online. As well, it ensures your faxes are intact and safe in one place. 

  1. Lifetime storage 

CocoFax gives you lifetime storage for all faxes, unlike many online fax services. The app automatically backs up all drafts, sent, and received faxes. It provides a neat way of organizing and accessing all faxes. 

  1. Reliable and fast 

With CocoFax, you get a reliable and fast internet faxing service. It provides a convenient way of sending and receiving both local and international faxes online.

Also, the service has a reliable notification system that ensures you get notifications for incoming and outgoing faxes. S0, you won’t miss important fax or alert. 


The ability to send a fax via email is only possible through an online fax service. Most email providers don’t have a built-in online fax service. So, an online fax service bridges the gap between fax and email technology. 

Check out CocoFax, it gives you 30 days of a free trial. It allows you to send and even receive faxes from email free of charge. 

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