How to Get A Free Fax Number and Fax From Google and Gmail?

Do you want to send a fax for free without any fax machine or fax modem? You can use online fax services because these are reliable. After choosing the best fax service, you will get everything from a free fax number to secure services.

Among other fax services in the market, CocoFax is the best online fax service. It allows you to send and receive relevant documents to your clients.

CocoFax: Affordable and Versatile Fax Service

In the presence of CocoFax, a toner, fax machine, and fax modems become unfeasible. Nowadays, businesses need portable solutions. The CocoFax is a Google fax service to manage fax transmission. It is an innovative method to send faxes directly from an email.


This reputed brand gets recognition from the New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Life Hacker, Top 10 Reviews, Forbes, etc. With a free sign up, you will be able to get a free fax number and a trial period of 30 days. Remember, CocoFax has numerous satisfied customers all around the world.

Get a Free Fax Number

Sending and receiving free fax online without a credit card is possible with CocoFax. At the time of sign up, you will be able to get a free fax number. Remember, CocoFax enables you to choose your favorite fax number.

Cocofax steps

You can use this number for almost 30 days without any trouble. CocoFax allows you to get started immediately. Remember, 30 days are enough to evaluate their services. If you are not satisfied, you can end your subscription easily.

Send Fax from Google

Google fax allows you to cut unnecessary expenses. You will need the support of CocoFax to send and receive faxes. Feel free to use Gmail to receive and send faxes. In this situation, CocoFax becomes a mediator for the translation of fax signals.

Cocofax trial

Remember, faxes need telephone lines with analog signals. The internet, computers, and smartphones operate on a digital platform. You will need a mediator to combine these services. CocoFax can be the best choice.

Send Faxes from Gmail

Nowadays, it is easy to use Gmail to receive and send faxes. For this reason, you will need a CocoFax account, an active internet connection, and a Gmail ID. Here are some simple steps to send an important document as fax:

Cocofax send from Gmail

Step 01: Get a free trial of CocoFax for almost 30 days. Sign up to get this trial and select your fax number. Feel free to register a Gmail address that you want to use to receive and send faxes.

Cocofax steps

Step 02: After completing the signup, open your Gmail account through an app, phone, web browser, etc. Once your Gmail is open, you have to tap on “Compose an Email”. You have to fill in essential fields.

Step 03: In the “To” field, you have to type in the fax number of the receiver. Make sure to end a fax number with The subject field is optional to write important notes. Feel free to create your cover page for fax documents. It will become the first page of your fax.

Make sure to attach important fax documents in the supported format. CocoFax support jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, and doc. Feel free to send more than one documents at a time.

After filling all the important fields, you have to double-check the entered information. Now, tap on the “Send” button to send your faxes. CocoFax will transmit your message to the receiver. If the delivery of your message is unsuccessful, the problem can be with the receiver’s end.

Receive Faxes from Gmail

You will receive faxes automatically on the fax number provided by CocoFax. Once a person sent a fax on your number, CocoFax is responsible for converting it into pdf and forward this message into your inbox.

Cocofax receive from Gmail

Remember, you will find received faxes in the inbox of your email. CocoFax converts your email document in a pdf before forwarding it to your inbox. Feel free to check your inbox and learn about the sender.


To sum up this discussion, it is essential to say that CocoFax is a reliable name among online fax services. With the use of CocoFax, it becomes easy for everyone to manage the transmission of faxes.

You are allowed to select your fax number from CocoFax. Fortunately, you can use its services without paying even a single penny. They offer a trial period of 30 days to evaluate their services.

Feel free to check their official website to learn more about their services and free fax number.