How Prince Harry intimidated the royal family

The disgraced duke will be invited to a family dinner, but the monarchs will be careful in communicating with him.

Tomorrow, July 1, the opening of the memorial to Princess Diana will take place in London. Prince Harry will also arrive at the event and will meet with his brother.

Lady Di’s sons do not communicate, but many hope that tomorrow everything will change. Harry is invited to a family dinner, but the palace prefers to keep its mouth shut next to the Duke of Sussex.

However, Marlene Koening, the royal biographer and expert, is not sure that a frank dialogue will take place at all. According to her, Prince Harry literally “intimidated” his close relatives.

“According to my information, the royal family will strictly monitor every word that is spoken in the presence of Harry.

Everyone knows that Prince Harry will turn any little thing into money. His bombs of truth are running out, and therefore he needs new ones,” says the royal biographer.

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1 thought on “How Prince Harry intimidated the royal family”

  1. How rude of Harry for all of his terrible remarks about his family. These are people who love him. He had a choice in his way of living and it looks like he took the low road against a family who loved him. Megan seems to dislike his family in an odd frame of mind . She showed she didn’t want to fit in with them. This is only my observance of what has gone on. All people are different.


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