How much did Apple save by not shipping the iPhone 12 charger?

With the release of the iPhone 12 line, Apple announced that it will no longer bundle smartphones with headphones and a power adapter. Since then, many are interested in the question of how much the company saved by cutting back on the set of gadgets?

The answer was provided by research company Counterpoint Research, which began publishing information on the cost of components of the iPhone 12. According to experts, in terms of packaging and accessories, each iPhone 12 is about $4.2 cheaper than the previous generation iPhone 11.

It would seem that $ 4 is not such a large amount. But in general, an impressive figure comes out. Considering that the volume of shipments of smartphones of the iPhone 12 series was about 63 million units, then in total Apple saved more than $264 million in this way.

Analyzing various polls that Apple conducts, as well as taking into account the general trend in the field of environmental protection, analysts predict that in the future Apple will also remove the cable from the package.

Recall that some manufacturers followed in Apple’s footsteps and decided to remove the charger from the box. For example, such a fate awaits the flagships of the Galaxy S21, and Xiaomi offers two packaging options for the Mi 11 – with and without an adapter.

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