How a father treats Britney Spears

Now the artist dreams of leaving the stage forever and never working again.

New scandalous details of Britney Spears’ relationship with her father have become public. Not so long ago, the singer first voiced the details of her long-term stay under the yoke of her own parent. It turned out that her father forbade her to give birth, forced her to work and took away the money she earned.

The court took into account everything that was heard, but did not change the measure of restriction. Thus, all of Britney’s affairs are still managed by her older relative.

Recently, new details of her father’s abuse of Britney appeared in the press. It turned out that the man literally harassed his own daughter.

“You are fat, I will put you on a diet to get you in shape again,” he used to say.

Among other things, the man called himself by the name of his daughter, proud to be her guardian. Jamie Spears also instilled in Britney that she would see the sons from Federline only if she fulfilled the conditions that were put forward to her. Spears could not and still cannot legally defend herself: the singer, who is under her guardianship, has almost no rights.

In addition, it turned out that the day before the trial, Spears called the emergency services and begged to come to her. And on Tuesday, July 6, it became known that Britney’s music manager had resigned. Given that Spears has stated that she will not return to the stage while her father is in control of her life, there is little hope of a comeback, according to NewYorker.

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