Hong Kong imposes quarantine for everyone coming from China

As the virus keeps spreading and the number of deaths is getting over 500, Hong Kong starts
imposing stricter safety measures. In the past 11 days, new cases have been showing double-
digit percentages, and the numbers are not likely to slow down any time soon.

The number of deaths connected with the coronavirus is by far exceeding that of the SARS
outbreak in 2002-2003 when there were 349 dead people.

According to the latest reports, 65 people died on Tuesday, 3.887 people had been infected in
China. Meanwhile, it is believed that there are 24.324 known cases of infections globally.
Thus, in the light of the latest news, Hong Kong’s government has decided to impose a 14-day
quarantine for all people coming there from mainland China. Such measure was taken after
citizens’ demand to close the border completely. The new measure will imply to everyone – even
Honkongers – regardless of gender, nationality, etc.

Moreover, thousands of medics in Hong Kong and the nearby territories have been on strike
since Monday, demanding the government to close checkpoints with the mainland as there is
simply not enough medical staff, as well as places to keep infectionated people.

However, up until the quarantine was put into action, several land crossings, including the
airport and Kai Tak cruise terminal were still open for public use. But now immigration facilities
are suspended at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and Ocean Terminal.

Carrie Lam, Chief Executive, said that “HK$10 billion will be set aside to fight the virus.”

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