HomePod sells for $149 – but only to Apple employees

In the Apple online store, the price of the HomePod remains unchanged, for the whole year they have been asking for $ 299. Apple HomePod employees are offered $ 14.50 each, with no quantity limit. Apple, they say, already once did something similar, about two or three times in all 44 years of its existence. Nobody could give an example of at least one of them, but we will believe. What is the reason now? Tens of thousands of Apple employees, not of their own free will, are forced to sit at home. Most of them are not forced to work, and this, combined with the unknown and the expectation of the worst, is a real torture. And now, out of philanthropy, they are offered HomePod at half price. The philanthropic version is one of several. Apple, as always, doesn’t explain anything to anyone. I have to guess.

For all the doubtfulness and improbability of the “philanthropic” version, in a situation that is in no hurry to improve, Apple’s management could well have done that. Moreover, sales of smart speakers are falling, including due to rumors about the imminent update of the model range and price, which until recently was considered high, and now it seems mocking and does not correspond to the current moment. 149.50 – especially for those who are confident in their own future – a good price. Almost for nothing.

We won’t even discuss the version of Apple’s close closure – we won’t be able to withdraw the market capitalization of more than a trillion dollars from the company, so the top managers of the company would not only be able to share it but would not even try, because they know that to what. Most of all I like the other version, kind and optimistic. In it, too, the ends meet, but this does not prevent her from being believable.

Does Apple Get Rid of HomePod?

From time to time, boxes of new Apple products that have accumulated in warehouses have to be disposed of urgently. To free up warehouses for something new. In order not to have to suffer the solution to this problem, for some (usually small) time, products that are about to become obsolete, stop ordering and deliver to warehouses. Even if they are asked (there is demand) and bought well. According to the good and optimistic version, Apple is distributing to its employees, almost for nothing, the 2017 HomePod stocks, because of their imminent and inevitable update.

According to rumors from mentions of unknown HomePod models inside beta versions of iOS / iPadOS and from some other sources, it seems that HomePod mini is expected to be released. Relatively inexpensive, slightly less advanced smart speakers of a reduced size. If they decided to dispose of stocks of “full-sized” HomePods, their life came to an end. Either there will be no more full-sized HomePods at all (which is extremely unlikely – they are bought, though not very well, and they are loved), or we are waiting for HomePod 2. In the near future both models, “mini” and “2”, maybe released, but this year even the most probable events can easily not happen.


It would be more reasonable to organize a sale for everyone, reducing the price not by half, but by one and a half. Up to 199 dollars, for example. Immediately warning that “there is little left, hurry!” – although how it would work this year would be unknown. We suddenly found ourselves in some other, unknown to us world – with some market laws unknown to us. I’m afraid that even Steve Jobs’s intuition might not help. You can learn and understand the changing laws in the only way: by trying them and stuffing cones.

Where is HomePod for sale

Until January 29, 2020 there were 12 such countries: the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan. On January 29, there were 13, added India. And from that moment on, the coronavirus epidemic got out of hand. Surely these events are not related to each other, “after that – does not mean because of this.” This is a coincidence, nothing more. Moreover, HomePod is sold not only in these thirteen countries.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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