Homeless became a successful businessman and created an organization that helped 2.6 thousand veterans

Many of us have heard hundreds of success stories, when a person, thanks to his talents or by chance, reached great heights in any sphere of activity and financial situation.

Unfortunately, much less often we learn about people who not only changed their lives for the better, but also took the time to help others. It is such a person is Ken Leslie, a former homeless who managed to survive difficult times and found himself to create something grand.

Once upon a time a man was beyond the poverty threshold. Money was sorely lacking, and the number of problems increased every day. He ended up on the street and had to live in a homeless shelter. Most people this situation drives into depression, from which they are no longer selected.

However, Leslie was a person with a different character .Understanding that it is necessary to fight for the destiny, he didn’t cease to look for an opportunity to return to normal life. As a result, the man not only built a career as a comedian, but also managed to succeed in the business sphere.

Six years ago, Ken Leslie realized: he is able to help other people who find themselves in a difficult situation. His attention was attracted by the frightening statistics claiming that in the USA more than 40 thousand veterans are homeless. The man decided to change this situation and give at least some of them hope for a better future. So there was a charitable organization Veterans Matter (VM).

First of all, Leslie focused on the state of Ohio, where he helped to get long-term housing for 35 veterans. However, he soon realized that it was necessary to expand the field of VM activity. In just a few years, the organization has acquired the status of a national and attracted the attention of show business stars, entrepreneurs, athletes, government organizations and politicians to the above-mentioned problem.

Homeless became a successful businessman and created an organization that helped 2.6 thousand veterans

For 6 years of its existence Veterans Matter has helped 2.6 thousand veterans’. In more than 90% of cases, people were able to live in normal conditions and received decent support.

“You know”… It’s so hard to believe I have an apartment and the key is in my pocket. I know where I’ll sleep tonight. It seems that the burden of long years of homelessness has finally been lifted from my shoulders, ” says one of the veterans who got a chance for a new life.

VM’s activities have attracted the attention of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) over time. As a result, a cooperation agreement was signed, thanks to which the organization reached the global level. By the end of the year, the representatives of VM intend to provide housing for another 400 people, and in the future Ken Leslie’s brainchild is going to double the amount of assistance to needy heroes.

Among the celebrities who take part in the activities of the organization are the musicians of the group ZZ Top, Kid Rock, George Thorogood, Katy Perry, Willie Nelson and many other representatives of show business. Every year the number of people wishing to help veterans increases.

According to Ken Leslie, he could not even think that his project will grow to a national scale. The man is sure: you can never give up and in any situation you need to move on.

Author: Flyn Braun
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