Holland slaughtered 190 thousand chickens and chickens after the outbreak of bird flu

Dutch authorities slaughtered around 190,000 chickens after a highly contagious strain of avian influenza-infected at least two chicken farms.

Health workers killed about 100,000 laying hens at a poultry farm in the village of Heckendorp. Also, more than 90 thousand chickens were slaughtered in the village of Vitmarsum.

In both cases, a “highly contagious strain of the H5 variant” was suspected, the ministry said in a statement.

“Both farms have taken measures to prevent further spread of the disease,” the ministry said.

Dutch Agriculture Minister Karola Schouten introduced preventive indoor isolation on all commercial poultry farms on 23 October after two dead swans were found carrying the highly contagious H5N8 avian influenza.

In rare cases, the disease can affect people with fever, muscle pain, headaches, and cough. It can be spread by touching an infected bird or eating an incompletely cooked bird.

Author: John Kessler
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