Hilary Duff’s husband congratulated her on her wedding anniversary

Matthew Coma celebrated the anniversary of his marriage to Hilary Duff. The musician posted on Instagram a touching post summarizing the 12 months of their married life as husband and wife. He noted that a year ago that day looked completely different, and accompanied the post with a black and white photograph of the couple’s wedding ceremony. According to the artist, it took place even before the coronavirus pandemic, when the future quarantine was not even suspected.

“When I asked you to be my wife, we had no idea what our first year would look like. They always say: “The first year is the most difficult,” but in our case, it was for completely different reasons, ”added Coma.

Matthew stressed that he admires his wife, who is currently pregnant with their second child. By the way, for Hilary herself, the baby will become the third in a row – she has the eldest son, Luca, from a past relationship.

Her husband described Duff as “steadfast, supportive, empathetic, loving and passionate” and thanked her for making him a better person every day and working to keep their family together.

Duff and Coma’s romance began back in 2017, but after a few months they broke up. Then the young people resumed their relationship, and 2 years ago they became the parents of the Banks daughter. Despite this, the couple entered into marriage only last year. And this October it became known about Hilary’s new pregnancy.

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